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Welcome to "Love Lee" a community for fans of Konoha's own Taijutsu specialist Rock Lee.

New members are ALWAYS welcome, so if you're a fan of Lee come on in!


  • Be kind to other members, we are a quiet little community and do not tolerate flaming or trolling, such actions will result in a ban.
  • Stay on topic.
  • If you want to post fanart/desktops/icons/etc. please put them behind an LJ-Cut, as not all users are blessed with fast modems.
  • Fanfiction is also allowed, but please, as with images, post them behind an LJ-Cut. Also make sure to place a warning before stories that contain major spoilers, or explicit material.
  • Most importantly enjoy yourself!

    Rock Lee is my Love

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    Disclaimer Rock Lee and all else related to Naruto are © Masashi Kishimoto 1999, all rights reserved.