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Lee losing to Neji (imma rewatching the Chunnin Exams)

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May. 21st, 2011 | 11:29 pm
music: Noah and The Whale - "Shape Of My Heart "
posted by: gsyh in love_lee

Specifically, the Lee-Gaara fight, with the flashbacks where Lee was getting his ass kicked by Neji, and we are given the impression by TenTen that this happens enough and to the point that Lee should Just Give Up.

Here's the thing though, rewatching it, I get the impression that Lee was not supposed to take the weights off during fights, unless it was to protect someone precious or his nindo, and he seem surprised that Gai-sensei approved of it. SOOOO, Lee had his weights on when he was getting the beat-down from Neji, and he probably would have won in a serious fight without them!

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