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Rock Lee: Manga Cover Volume Ten

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Sep. 21st, 2010 | 06:54 pm
posted by: imagineeri in love_lee

Yo! I just posted some pictures of my new and improved Lee cosplay. For this, I went with the volume ten cover. I still need the brass knuckles and to fix my blue ninja shoes--and the black ones I wore for this, but those weren't completely destroyed like my blue ones.

A word of advice for any Naruto cosplayers, do not be lazy and buy the ninja shoes that are pre-made. They break easily. Both of mine died at Anime Expo this summer, and my black ones started to during a photo shoot at the end of July. I know there are tutorials out there on how to make them, so trust me on this, go with making them. ^^

Anyhoo, the sun was at a really bad angle, so my eyes are in shadow and I was squinting a lot, but otherwise, the pictures are okay, I think. ^^ Enjoy!

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